Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This is an addendum of sorts to a post on the Pimpson's blog. I for one know the torment of asynchronous light switches. However, what brought forth this torrent of verbosity was the desire to vent on a perhaps more subversive and distressing affair: not knowing WHAT exactly a particular light switch does.

I moved into a house a number of months ago, and as a man one of my first undertakings was to promptly press every switch, lever and button I could find within my new domain. Now, it's not a new house, nor have I had contact with the previous owners of the edifice, so I have little recursive action available at my disposal to help me determine what this one, particular, light switch does. It's in the main hallway, but as far as I can tell it serves no purpose other than to confound me. Does my neighbor's power turn off when I press it? Does NATO receive the GO codes for missile launch? Short of ripping open the wall and following the cables, I'm blunderbussed.

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