Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In need of a laptop

I have to go to this conference for work next week, but I also have a number of big assignments due that I'll need to work on while I'm there. So, I need to get a laptop computer.

Thing is, I don't want one; I just need it for this weekend. I don't want anything fancy, my requirements are that it has wireless internet, a dvd drive, and at least a 20gb HD. I've looked at getting a used laptop, but for about the $400 or so it would cost to get a computer with those specs, it seems like a hassle and of course could break on me in my moment of need. Nothing new of course is that cheap.

So, I'm currently contemplating buying a laptop at Futureshop and then returning it within 14 days to get my money back. Of course, the risk is that once I have it I won't want to get rid of it. Or something breaks on it and I'm stuck with it.

Anyone (of the probably 3 ppl who might actually read this :P I'll post more often I swear!) have any thoughts on how to resolve this predicament?


Blogger Palmer said...

Simple solutions for a simple problem:

- Borrow one from work.
- Borrow one from a friends' work.
- Borrow one from a friend (sorry mate, I'm using mine)
- Do the Futureshop thing. Sure, the CIA will track you down via Facebook for your transgression but big deal.

11:44 a.m.  

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